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A walk in Hell by Iamaliel A walk in Hell by Iamaliel

A walk in Hell by Iamaliel

/ ©2012-2015 Iamaliel
I woke up sweaty and agitated by shaking my fucking delusions.
The blankets wrapped around me to choke up tenderly.
I could no longer be among those four walls,
Choking and morbidly cozy.
I decided to go out and don't know where to go.
Where the wind takes me, like a giant rocking cradle.
The wind pierced my chest,
I felt fresh, clean, it was like reborn again.
Be born again like man and again become embryo
To disappear in the universe of beings ever born.
I went into a tavern sitting down at a dirty table as I do.
I enjoy a beer listening to music of shit.
What I want most? I thought. What I was hoping that this dirty world to offer me?
Leaving me paralyzed from there the cold hands and face, I liked that feeling.
The nature that takes over on me and gives me a kick in the ass.
Hey beautiful, want to come and warm up a little in my house? I felt wonder behind.
She was a woman of 45 who posed as a luxury prostitute,
When she was a sad and dreary woman,
Marked by the shit of life.
The whole thing was carved on her face.
Why not, I replied. I never make the first move,
You always come to me,
I said smiling, remember feeling an idiot at that moment.
I entered in a small room, dirty and disorderly,
Who the fuck has spread
The myth that women are neat and keep it clean?
The most filthy room of my house was a suite in comparison.
Watered down whiskey, emetics sensual music,
And soft lighting.
This was all that you offer to a stranger, met 10 minutes ago.
This was all you were able to offer, nothing more.
You didn't know a shit about me, you didn't know who I was,
And what I was going through my head.
You didn't know what I was thinking while you watching me
With that face of bitch.
You started to kiss me, expecting to find me super excited,
Instead of finding a statue of ice.
I decided to go away, I broke my balls, while I was out
I thought I wanted a souvenir of that wonderful evening.
I took a large knife, sharp and taking you behind,
I began to slowly decapitated you,
While enjoying the sight of that blood, so hot and dense.
No one would ever find what was missing from your body.
I went back to my lair, I put in a pot on my trophy,
And began to boil
For many hours, until all the dirt that was attached slip away.
Here's my beautiful trophy,
A masterpiece magically created by nature.
It adds to my collection like a puppy with his brothers.
I sit in my easy chair sipping wine in the dark.
We sail through endless skies, the stars shine like eyes,
Said Ozzy and everything seemed perfect,
Complete and primordial.
The stars shone in the sky like eyes hidden in the dark, really.
This was what I wanted, not shrill cries and dirty emotions.
This was my peace.

From "The breath Of Death" of Iamaliel Goddess of Abortion
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mistertrece Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
So fucking great!!! Sick. Love it!!! IŽll wait for moreeee! This one is for you…
Iamaliel Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
ahaha I send u all my sickness!! 
MyopicMephitic Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012
Dead escorts are the most affordable... XD
What a sweet massacre!
Iamaliel Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Dead zombie are sweet and tender companionS!
They do everything you orders to do, especially eating someone ... are very useful!
MyopicMephitic Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2012
Yeah dear, Very useful as babysitters! :iconzombienomplz:
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January 4, 2012
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